Get Elevated Wellness Plan


A comprehensive wellness plan that introduces you to the power of nutritional therapy. 

Stop battling your symptoms, lets find a solution to your health concerns!

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION VISIT (90min.)- Confidential health history overview and review of your concerns and goals. 
  • FOOD & MOOD JOURNAL REVIEW- 3day food journal evaluation with assessment of daily nutrition, digestion, mood and movement. 
  • NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT- A comprehensive, in depth questionnaire determining which body systems need support and your top health priorities.
  • FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION VISIT (60 min) - Hands-on clinical evaluation using neuro-lymphatic reflexes to tap into your body's innate intelligence and identify organs and systems that need support, nutritional deficiencies and areas of dysfunction. 
  • LINGUAL NEURO TESTING- Used to determine the right nutrients, herbs or supplements that will support your body's  bio-individual needs. 
  • NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE RECOMMENDATIONS- Detailed wellness program to help you achieve your goals.
  • NUTRITIONAL EDUCATION & RESOURCES- Additional support to help you on your health and wellness journey. Knowledge is power!
  • FOLLOW-UP VISIT (60 min.)-Re-Evaluation of nutritional and therapeutic protocol, re-evaluation of signs, symptoms and diet. Updated plan and recommendations for your next phase. These visits are key to keeping you on track and creating lasting, sustainable changes.



*payment plan available 


  •  GROCERY SHOPPING TOUR- Personalized  shopping experience to help you identify & select the best foods for you & your family. Learn how to read labels & get more for your money!
  • ELEVATE YOUR KITCHEN-In home kitchen overhaul, setting you up for success with meal prepping and panty must-haves. 
  • PRIVATE YOGA- Tailored Yoga class in-home or at the studio to support mindfulness + movement on your health journey. 

***Would you like to work with me, but you aren't in the area? No problem! I accept virtual clients, we can work together via phone, email and zoom calls. (Functional Evaluation and Lingual Neuro Testing can only be down in person)